3d show & tell

We already expressed our love for the 3D world, so it’s no surprise we like to experiment with concepts that place 3D models into the real world.

Sometimes it might be hard to imagine how a sketch or 2D design of an object would look like in real life, after production. Augmented Reality makes it possible to show and tell this.


With 3D show & tell we offer the chance to show your projects in 3D in real life. Your concept won’t stay flat, but will come to life right before your very own eyes. We already developed concepts like a 3D model of the Philips Pavilion that could be placed on any desired location or the mind-blowing 3D art by Jam Sutton that is shown whenever you scan his luxury brand clothing.

Big or small, the size of the 3D model doesn’t matter. We could even scan an object and turn it into 3D for you, so you can show it to as many people as you like. With Augmented Reality you’re able to place any 3D model into the real world. We are here to execute it for you!