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Dutch Rose Media has worked with interns and graduates from Fontys Hogeschool, Avans Hogeschool, Hogeschool Zuyd, HAS Hogeschool, SintLucas on media design, communication, mobile development, software development, lifestyle studies and game design.

Examples of internships:

  • Create a sample set of augmented reality cards with 3D animations on the AR platforms Layar, CraftAR, Wikitude and Vuforia;
  • Create a minimum of 2 AR walks on the subject of water management …;
  • Create a minimum of 2 AR walks in 2 different European cities and describe a process to develop and test AR walks without having to be at the exact location;
  • Create a minimum of 2 AR walks with children as target audience using Wikitude as technology platform;
  • Research the use of augmented reality for museums and create a working concept app showing different options;
  • Research the use of a 3D scanner and AR as a user interface assistant on the Android platform;
  • Research concepts using augmented reality for storytelling in lifestyle and leisure.

New interns are welcome, starting September 2017.


We are an accredited work placement company for Gamedeveloper internships and Mediadesigner internships.


Four new employees joined our team per september 2016, so we aren’t hiring at the moment.

Check back again mid 2017!