Augmented Reality

Embedding digital content in the real world

Augmented Reality (AR)

To us, Augmented Reality is embedding digital content in the real world to tell a wondrous story or to explain in detail what you see.

Living in a 3D world

Do you need to communicate a complex real-world concept? The world we live in is 3D, however our communication almost always is in 2D. People have inherent difficulties expanding a 2D image into the 3D object it represents. What if you could present them with a complete 3D experience, all of the time?

Dutch Rose Media, Augmented Reality Design

Immersive storytelling

Are you working on a new venture and looking for a new surprising and compelling way to tell your story? Share the surprise and positive vibe you feel for your product through a channel that intrinsically shares these notions.

Technical solution

Augmented Reality comes in many flavors: you could have your own branded app, or publish your content through a multipurpose app. You could have a static app or use a (semi-)dynamic solution with content management.

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Our Clients

Together with Dutch Rose Media we have developed the interactive route ‘Herleef Huize Bergen’ and put together the interactive anniversary book ‘Huize Bergen – honderd verhalen’. The team’s enthusiasm definitely contributed to the result of both products. The many adjustments we wished for were implemented without any problems. The collaboration with Dutch Rose Media was a nice experience and we’d love to repeat it in the near future. Huize Bergen

Our work with Dutch Rose Media was very pleasant. Personal involvement and professionality made sure Dutch Rose Media captured our ideas in an innovative product we are proud of. Personal, involved, clear communication and honouring commitments are what Dutch Rose Media stands for. – Rabobank Dommelstreek

GGzE has come to know Dutch Rose Media as an organisation who responded appropriately at the demand for an app which visitors could use to discover ‘De Grote Beek’. Quick, professional and honouring commitments for a fair price. We experienced a pleasant collaboration. GGzE

We wanted to show our customers the possibilities of combining augmented reality and learning. Our clientbase consists of hospitals and health institutions. We asked Dutch Rose Media to share their thoughts on a possible solution. They proactively replied. Dutch Rose Media developed an app which enables you to scan a picture of a Philips heart monitor. After scanning it the usage instructions appear on your screen. Even the real heart monitor could be scanned. This opened up possibilities for our clients. And that is exactly what we wanted.Noordhoff Health

Natasja and I knew each other from a previous business agreement. Her passion for augmented reality always intrigued me. When we got the chance to use augmented reality at Happen & Trappen I didn’t hesitate for a moment and immediately involved Dutch Rose Media to help with our virtual innovations.Happen & Trappen

Dutch Rose Media’s AR greeting cards enabled us to thank our customers in a innovative way, reflecting our character while simultaneously giving them a familiar feeling. Through a smooth cooperation we quickly developed a great design with a compelling message. – Deloitte

IBM and Dutch Rose Media have worked closely together on several augmented reality projects. Dutch Rose Media delivers tailor made solutions in an innovative way. – IBM

Streekontwikkeling Boven-Dommel wants to bring a more innovative experience to the rural area south of Eindhoven. Thanks to the cooperation with Dutch Rose Media we were able to realise this ambition. Furthermore we’re seeing more new products and initiatives rise from the network of Dutch Rose Media every day. Streekontwikkeling Boven-Dommel

With myJINI BNV places an innovative service in the market. We feel innovative technologies should accompany that, which is why we choose for augmented reality. Even more, the Smilez cards deliver a wow-effect to everyone.myJINI



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