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Our SmARt Manuals on TV!

“The Netherlands used to be the country of farmers, clogs and cheese. Now it’s the land of chips and apps. Currently there are more tech companies in the Netherlands than there are farmsteads. The Dutch society can be called early adopters when it comes down to tech novelties” – RTL Nieuws (October 31st 2016).

To show these technological developments, RTL Nieuws, one of the biggest news broadcasting company in the Netherlands, came by our office and filmed our SmARt Manuals concept. And yes, we were then featured in the news broadcat last Monday October 31st!

SmARt Manuals

Right now when you buy a device, you receive thick printed manuals, often in four (or more) languages with jargon you don’t really understand. You glance through it once and to be honest, those printed manuals then end up  somewhere in a dusty drawer. Besides the lack of usage of such printed manuals, it’s also inconvenient that your manual doesn’t get updated when your (smart) device does. When a device or machine gets a new feature or learns a new program, a printed manual gets outdated and will therefore be a waste of paper.

The ideal solution here is our SmARt Manual concept. Just install an app on your smartphone or tablet, scan the machine and the manual will be shown right over the machine. No more searching for buttons you don’t know the name of and instantly get the language you need. Innovations like these show the technological lead the Netherlands has in the tech industry.

Watch the news broadcast in which Dutch Rose Media and our SmARt Manuals are featured below or click here.

Your very own SmARt Manual

Ready to include SmARt Manuals into our own business or organisation? We are happy to develop your very own SmARt Manual for you! Please contact us by calling (+31)40 – 8 456 280 or by sending an e-mail to

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