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Shaping the future music industry…

Back in November we challenged 1st year students of Digital Business Concepts (Fontys, Tilburg) to come up with an innovative Augmented Reality concept for the music industry. They worked on their concepts for almost two months and recently presented them to us. And we have to say: some ideas were very appealing!

No matter how long you’ve been working in the Augmented Reality business, sometimes you need to get some inspiration from others to get a different view on things. That’s why we like to have interns every year and be a client for school assignments every now and then.

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AR concepts for the music industry

We submitted the following challenge: Come up with an Augmented Reality concept that will beautify or simplify the music industry. Music industry in its broadest sense, since there are many aspects that could be improved using Augmented Reality. The students came up with diverse and inspiring concepts.

  • ARfterbook: A physical book that can be pre-ordered when buying a ticket for a festival or event. Once the festival or event is over, you receive the ARfterbook and scan it with an Augmented Reality app. When scanning photos in the book, aftermovies, videos of the shows and eventual personal content will be shown, turning your ARfterbook in both an analogue and digital souvenir.
  • Memoirs: An Augmented Reality app created for relatives who’ve lost loved ones. To save special memories, relatives can use the Memoirs app to connect locations to photographs, videos and music. When going to that special location, these memories appear right in front of you.
  • AR+ concert: What is one of the most annoying things when going to a concert? Ofcourse: the queues. The AR+ concert concept features canvas images on the wall next to the queue with photos of artists that have performed at that venue. While waiting in the queue visitors can scan the images and will see a video fragment appear of that artist performing, sharing a message or upcoming tour dates.
  • ARpromix: A SmARt Manual to control mixing consoles. Scan the mixing consoles using the ARpromix app and see which button can be used for what purposed or decide to take a digital class or course to learn how to become a (professional) DJ yourself.
  • Festiguide: A scannable festival strap which you can scan with the Festiguide AR app. Once you scan the strap the app will show you a timetable and 3D map of the festival ground.
  • Festilive: A scannable festival guide. When scanning images of artists featured in the guide, one will get a live camera feed from the concert to decide whether they want to go to that one artist or stay chilling with their friends. By scanning the guide you can also see how long waiting lines at the toilets or food trucks are at that exact moment.

And our personal favorite….

  • Find the music: An Augmented Reality music treasure hunt throughout the city. When artists want to release an exclusive song, they can create a hunt for their fans. By placing posters of a specific artist throughout the city, fans can hunt them down, scan them and collect little bits of the artist’s new song. By finding all the posters, fans are able to collect all parts of the song and thereby listen to the exclusive song.

We were pleasantly surprised by the diversity and originality of all the concepts. Ofcourse some were more appealing than others, but eventually we were very inspired. Thank you, students of Digital Business Concepts!

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