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Our multiplayer AR game: AR Sea Wars

We like to challenge our interns a bit. And lucky for us, they like a challenge.

We’ve been playing around with Apple ARKit and Google ARCore since the announcement and have some great apps using these techniques releasing soon. Our interns Jeffrey and Bodhi were excited to work on it as well and because they’re studying Game Development a logical choice for them was to make a game.

After a first demo they made on their own we gave them feedback on design and usability, guiding them to a completed multiplayer AR game. They made it possible to play single player against a computer bot, or multiplayer against someone else through your local network or a remote server.

A familiar concept known as Battleships (or as we also call it: Sea Wars) was chosen as the subject for the game. Using Augmented Reality for games can still be a bit new for people, so we wanted to ease people into this by using a familiar concept for a new technique. This gives users a sense of recognition and makesit easier to use such a new technique.

ARKit and ARCore makes it possible to place digital content into your own environment, making it possible for you to walk around it and get closer. This creates an immersive experience by blending the digital content with the real world. If you get to win a game of AR Sea Wars you’ll see the fireworks flying through your room!

Before you know you’ve forgotten that Sea Wars isn’t really taking place on your kitchen table ;).

Download for iOS

Download for Android

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