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The coolest museum AR game you will ever play!

Remember when we created De Tijdkijker last year? The cool AR museum concept for preHistorisch Dorp with the wooden VR boxes? This year we made an even cooler concept for the museum: an Augmented Reality treasure hunt! You can now take prehistorical selfies, fight a Viking lord and search for ancient objects throughout the whole museum.

Oerselfies are the best kind of selfies

Of course you’ll have to visit preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven yourself to try the new treasure hunt, but we can already give you a little sneak preview of what this hunt has to offer. Be prepared for historical awesomeness!

In April this year we released the first part of the treasure hunt: the so-called Oerselfies. On three different locations throughout the museum you could do small assignments and take a picture of your result with your smartphone. You could get into the woods and take a selfie being the upper hunter or make a small cooking pot out of clay and watch it getting baked digitally on your phone. You could even add your own name in Rhunes to your cooking pot!

And perhaps the coolest Oerselfie you can take: on the one-and-only Redbad throne. Just sit down, let someone else take a picture of you and see kneeling subjects will appear in front of you. On this day, you will rule the preHistorisch Dorp !

Work for it!

A treasure hunt means you actually have to get out there and, well…start searching!  So that’s exactly what we kept in mind while creating games for the next six treasure hunt locations (released in July this year). These six locations were all located in different buildings throughout the museum: an inn, a sheep’s farm, a weaver’s home and even a Viking’s homestead.

Being on one of the six locations, the app will ask you to help search for a hidden artifact. You will then have to explore the room to find this object. It can be found opening drawers, a hidden door, inside a barrel…Try everything! Once you’ve found the object, you can scan the trigger closeby and then see the object appear in Augmented Reality on your screen. This way you can see what the object is used for and even play a game with it like spinning wool or cooking food. All with your smartphone and the magic of Augmented Reality! Combining real-world hunting and Augmented gaming, that’s cool, right?

A great diversity in games

While creating the assignments and games, preHistorisch Dorp asked us to make a great diversity in all the games. So that’s what we did. We will not show you every single one, but below you can find some actual screen shots from three different games: find an ancient cooking pot and start cooking with it, look for a sword tip and hand it to a Viking Lord or bake your own pot with a personalized Rhunes name.

This diversity makes the treasure hunt fun for everyone wanting to do it! You can not only play, but with every object found you will learn an interesting fact about that object. For example: did you know that we needed to find the continent of America first before we could eat potatoes here?

Ready to try the treasure hunt yourself? Make sure you download the free De Tijdkijker app in the Google Play Store or App Store and visit the preHistorisch Dorp. The treasure hunt can be played in both Dutch and English. Perhaps you can be the ultimate time traveller and find all the hidden objects. Good luck!

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