3d scanning

Adding digital features to the real world means we are always looking for interactive ways to show content. One type we are very passionate about is 3D content, but everyone that’s familiar with 3D modelling knows it can take quite some time to create 3D content. That’s why were looking for an innovative way to generate 3D content and we found an interesting approach.


We are currently experimenting with the Structure Sensor, a portable device developed by Occipital which makes it possible to scan anything or anyone and turn it into a 3D model. It’s the first 3D sensor for mobile devices, which can easily be secured onto an iPad.

With the original Structure Sensor apps it’s available for iOS, but our developers are experimenting with Android applications to use the sensor for other devices as well.


The Structure Sensor can be used to create custom-made content for an AR concept. Want to add a personal touch to your business card? Let one scan it and a 3D model of your head or entire body will pop-up after scanning.

Would you like a bouquet of flowers to show up on your flyer when someone scans it? That’s possible too!

Since it’s relatively new to create 3D content by using a scanner, we are still trying out all the possibilities. We already made it possible to put a 3D model of one of our last year’s graduates on her graduation thesis. Devices like the Structure Sensor are on the brink of the 3D and AR revolution.