Apple ARKit & Google ARCore

We already expressed our love for the 3D world, so it’s no surprise we like to use software that places 3D models into the real world.

Since the release of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, we’ve been experimenting with the newest 3D-placing technologies.


Last June Apple introduced their own AR software that allows users to place realistic 3D models onto flat surfaces such as floors or tables. This software allows 3D models to stay impressively steady and users can view this models from afar or extremely close. We’ve been working with this software for a few months now and it’s impressive what it can do technically. We’d love to create plenty of applications with this software!


Right after Apple released their AR software, it didn’t took long for Google to release their ARCore software. It’s actually a slimmed down version of Google’s Project Tango, which also allows mobile devices to detect flat surfaces and place 3D models onto them. Using plane detection and different lighting options, ARCore is similar to ARKit. Users can place several different 3D models next to one another or play 3D games in the real world. Both softwares are perfect for 3D show & tell.