So, you’re interested in storytelling? That’s great! Last Tuesday we hosted our very first Storytelling Masterclass at the Effenaar in Eindhoven and it was a huge success! Interested in participating the next time but don’t know what to expect? Then take a look at the 5 reasons below why you should definitely join the next Masterclass…

1. Get valuable insights on storytelling

Money makes the world go round? No, stories make the world go round! We humans have been storytellers since the beginning of time. We like to tell stories, write them down, film them or sing about them. Stories are everywhere! But how come storytelling has become such a big thing the past 5 years? And what storytelling method fits your business best? (Ever heard of transmedia storytelling?). You’ll be able to learn all about storytelling trends, methods and AR & VR storytelling examples during this Masterclass!

2. Get the opportunity to experiment with AR & VR hardware

Our Masterclasses aren’t for people who like to sit back and relax: you’ll be put to work! After taking in all the information on storytelling you’ll be able to test all kind of AR & VR hardware which is present at the Effenaar. From Microsoft Hololens and the Augmented Reality glasses by Epson to the HTC Vive and a 3D body scan. You can even enter the famous Mirror Room. Our latest participants had a lot of fun testing all these hardware devices.  Some experienced things they had never seen before!

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-22 om 15.19.07

3. Meet like-minded geniuses

Our Masterclass is the perfect opportunity to meet interesting people in all kind of sectors. Team up with a like-minded genius and chat about your (storytelling) interests while you get some coffee during the break. Last Tuesday we had a very diverse group of people working in the heritage sector, filming industry, banking sector and education. Everyone is welcome to join our Masterclass, as long as you have an interest in storytelling!


4. Discover the upcoming Effenaar Smart Venue

The Effenaar in Eindhoven is a popular music venue. But since last year the Effenaar has become much more: it has become a Smart Venue. This means that musicians, businesses, schools and even the general public can discover the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality at their venue. For art, for business or just for fun: AR and VR should be accessible for everyone. The Effenaar believes in the future of these technologies and therefore opens its doors for events like Masterclasses and hackathons. We are happy to cooperate with the Effenaar to organize events like this!

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-22 om 15.22.15

5. Have a fun day 😉

Yes, ofcourse our Masterclasses give serious insights and yes, Augmented and Virtual Reality are serious businesses with serious future growth potential. But at the end of the day we want you to enjoy your day. That’s what storytelling is all about as well: to give people a special feeling or a special experience. We try to make our Masterclasses as enjoyable as possible and looking at last Tuesday, we guess we succeeded 🙂


We have planned the next Storytelling Masterclass on Wednesday September 13 2017 at the Effenaar! More information about this event can be found on this website soon. Do you have any questions? Then please send an e-mail to Fleur Stiels via fleur[a] and she’ll provide you with all the information you need.

p.s. Yes, this post was deliberately written as a clickbait article. But tell me: are you triggered to sign up for our next Masterclass? Yes? Perfect!