Print media is currently the most popular form of promotional advertising. Flyers, posters, advertorials, billboards; you name it. At the same time, digital content on websites and apps offers new media and new interaction. What if both, print media and digital content, could be combined in an inventive way?


Enrich your print media with Augmented Reality! With our own AdOn app, print media comes to life once you scan it. In a smooth and surprising way print media transitions into digital content. Scan a poster and the corresponding video commercial will be displayed. Scan a movie advertorial and watch behind-the-scenes clips. Or place a 3D model of yourself on your graduate thesis, like one of our graduates did last year.


Need a small Augmented Reality project? AdOn is the perfect way for you to try out Augmented Reality. Almost each and every print media file you wish can be turned into an AR experience. Amaze your clients or deepen the content of your magazine, flyer, book… The sky is the limit!