Dangerous AR money!

Back in 2012 we turned a 20 euro note into a cool AR experience (it will be featured in an upcoming Throwback Thursday post!). This year we found ourselves wondering: should we do it again, with the new design of the 20 euro note? The answer was: yes! One of our interns accepted this challenge […]

AR quiz at E52 Live!

On the 9th of November a new live event, named E52 Live!, was introduced in Eindhoven. The event organized by E52 was all about the new innovations and technologies the ‘’Brainport’’ region is developing. Our presenter Fleur went to the event to tell the public about Augmented Reality and engage them with an AR quiz. A […]

Augmented Workshop bij de BOM

De drukke periode van de Dutch Design Week is alweer voorbij en met tevredenheid kijken we daarop terug. Eén van onze bezigheden tijdens de DDW was de ‘Exploring Augmented Reality’ workshop die wij in samenwerking met de Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij op woensdag 26 oktober organiseerde. De workshop in het Living Lab was een succes, met […]