concept design

Eager to start with Augmented Reality but not sure about the execution yet? We are very willing to help you with the concept design and the whole conceptual progress.


For starters, it might be very convenient to attend on of our workshops in which we help you by brainstorming about the AR possibilities in your field of work. From there we will start guiding you through the whole concepting progress, from the scratch of an idea to the eventual release af the actual concept. We will help you decide the purpose of your concept. What kind of usage is best for your business? How can this be executed? What kind of content would be needed?

Already have an idea in mind but don’t know how to execute it? Then ofcourse we are here to advise you and are willing to discuss all the possible options with you.


We have a very realistic view on concept development. If what you are asking for isn’t possible yet, we will look for a way in which it CAN be executed. We have the insight in knowing what’s achievable on a conceptual level related to the technological capabilities.