Face Filters

Face filters are currently the best-known and easy-to-use ways of using Augmented Reality. On a daily base, people share millions of videos and pictures of themselves with a face filter on social media such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. The best thing? You can get your own branded face filter!


In April 2017 Facebook introduced their very own Facebook AR Studio. For now, this means that developers can create their own (branded) face filters which can then be used with the Facebook mobile app. Since this very beginning we have access to this studio. We really like to experiment with the Facebook AR Studio. We’ve already created our very own Dutch Rose face filter and a special set for the Finnish National Opera. We would love to create face filters for many, many more!


Since the use of face filters is so popular these days, it has become an easy and approachable way of sharing your brand via social media. Game companies, celebrities, fashion designers and film producers (to name a few) all realize how valuable a branded face filter can be: you have social media users share your brand FOR YOU!