interactive mirrors

Most Augmented Reality concepts are being developed for either apps on smartphones or for wearables such as AR glasses. But Augmented Reality can be implemented using other hardware as well, such as mirrors. Yes, you read that right: mirrors. At Dutch Rose Media we like to experiment with implementing Augmented Reality into our real lives. Mirrors are a great starting point.


The most fun part about transforming an everyday object into an interactive AR experience is the unexpected surprise. People don’t await an encounter with Augmented Reality when they look at a mirror. Another great factor is the fact that mirrors are everywhere. So many surfaces we could transform, so many chances!


These interactive mirrors can be both entertaining and functional. Imagine a visit at the hairdresser and look for a new hairstyle by just looking at the mirror. Or get entertained while waiting by checking some news articles or listening to some music. Possibilities are endless here!

Using a Kinect camera motion can be detected and make the mirror respond to your gestures. For one of our clients we developed an interactive mirror in the bathroom’s mirror. By waving at the mirror, you can interact with the 3D models shown in front of you.