living in a 3d world

At Dutch Rose Media we love creating and showing the 3D world! The world we live in is 3D, however our communication is almost always in 2D. People have inherent difficulties expanding a 2D image into the 3D object it represents. What if you could present them with a complete 3D experience, all of the time?


When 3D content is created, it is viewed with a 2D screen which makes it flat. That’s a shame. Why not view it the way it is, in 3D? Augmented reality makes it possible to see 3D the way it was meant in the first place: as an object in the real world.

One way to do this is to 3D print your projects. But what if your project is about a seven floor building or what if you want to hand out your project to over 500 people? Then the costs of 3D printing might get a bit out of control. Augmented Reality is the right solution here.

Show the building in 3D on the location where it will be in five years. Hand out print media to over 500 people and make it scannable, so everyone can see your 3D content appear right on their desk. Just a few examples of the many possibilities regarding showing 3D content using augmented reality.


The use of 3D content is shifting. It’s becoming a new medium, not only for art or product design, but for marketing and support as well. Its field of application is growing broader and many businesses start to accept the value of 3D content.

It’s time for your business to acknowledge the value of 3D content as well!