location-based gaming

Location-based Augmented Reality is our expertise. We offer location-based stories through walks with our ByAR platform but there’s more. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to use Augmented Reality in location-based gaming? AR company Niantic used AR features in their infamous Pokémon GO game, which made the game so popular to begin with.


With location-based gaming we want to engage the audience. Get them on their feet, get them to play actively! The release and continuous popularity of the Pokémon GO game confirmed our thoughts on location-based gaming: it works.

We want to create new Pokémon GO concepts, but improve them. Whereas the Pokémon GO displays “3D Pokémon”, we offer games with complete 3D content. This means you can really walk around our characters and view them from every angle, not just upfront like in the Pokémon GO game. We want this 3D content to get absorbed into the surroundings: gnomes that really sit on trees and hang from branches. This way the searching for objects or characters gets more active.

And eventually we will focus our games on exact locations, which makes it more extraordinary.


It can’t all be fun and games. Sometimes thoughtful subjects deserve attention as well.

What better way to get the audience involved then through gaming? Ethical and social issues can be put together in a serious game, where people can experience it themselves or can get to understand those issues better.

Are you interested in location-based gaming? We will gladly develop your own enhanced Pokémon GO or serious game.