location-based storytelling

Stories are everywhere. In books and movies, but also in the world around us. They are here to entertain, to teach lessons and to inform. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience those stories?

That’s where storytelling comes into play. We believe the future of storytelling is location-based: to experience those stories right on the spot, where they actually matter.


Location-based storytelling and Augmented Reality are a perfect fit. What better way to tell a story then to show it? The magic that is Augmented Reality can bring historical persons to life or show relevant information about a certain location.

Location-based storytelling basically means using locations to enrich stories. Stories that are still divided into bite-size chunks, available at your fingertips whenever and wherever. Experiencing stories right on the spot will have more impact and therefore engage your audience.


There are many ways to carry out location-based storytelling. It can be done through gaming or treasure hunts, where players have to actively go to a precise location to earn points or to receive a price (such as Pokémon GO and other extended game play concepts). It can also be carried out via themed tours, where users receive information about the area or experience what it was like back in the days. By using iBeacons, those tours could be done indoors as well, for example as tours in museums or art galleries. And eventually it can be experienced through city or area walks, where users get to know the current hotspots, cafes or tourist attractions.

Would you like to discover the world of location-based storytelling more and get to know the possibilities? We are happy to help!