Foundation Crossroads Brabant ’40-’45 collects and preserves personal war stories of World War II. Stories that happened in North-Brabant and have been radical, inspiring and life changing. To celebrate 75 years of freedom, Stichting Crossroads has put together a program including a book with 75 selected stories.


Dutch Rose Media developed a special AR app to bring these 75 stories even more alive. The Brabant Remembers app shows the 75 personal WWII stories in an innovative way, but in their original context. 10 of these stories can be experienced with an augmented reality story, showing living history.


On each location you can start an AR experience and relive true stories about people in times of war. Persons from the past are there, right in front of you.  At exactly the same place where someone had to make a difficult choice. Now that choice is yours to make.

Download the Brabant Remembers app for Android or iOS.


September 2018

foto Brabant Remembers Biesbosch_small

The app helps users to find the 75 locations where these thrilling stories happened. A map shows the 75 locations, including the 10 augmented reality locations.


Watch historical WWII events come alive right on the spot. Persons of the past appear right in front of you and show you what happened at that location. A young girl named Flo will guide you along these stories. Are you ready for life changing stories?

Get a glimpse of the Brabant Remembers app with this promo video. Relive history in the most compelling way.