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Who: Chrysal is an expert in flower care. All their products are focused on keeping your flowers fresh and healthy for a long period. Their post-harvest solutions boost the flower quality and makes sure you can enjoy your flowers for a longer time than usual.

What: Chrysal wants to show what effect their products have on flowers, mainly in comparison with flowers that don’t get the Chrysal treatment. They also want to give their customers a short and easy tutorial for how to use their products correctly and how to take care of indoor flowers the right way.

How: Dutch Rose Media developed a branded  Augmented Reality app for Chrysal. With this app, users can see the effects of Chrysal’s products in a cool way. First, when scanning a trigger (which you can get in the app) a 3D animation of two bouquets of roses appears showing the effects of using Chrysal in 10 days in comparison to non-Chrysal products. You can also see these effects in a Virtual Reality world. Secondly, you can get a step-by-step Augmented tutorial of how to use Chrysal’s products correctly.

When: September 2017