Cyclone, a Dutch hockey stick manufacturer.


Dutch Rose Media developed an app that makes it possible for the sticks ‘to tell their story’ and to train with professional hockey player Bob de Voogd.


By scanning the Cyclone’s logo on the hockey sticks, a video will appear and will show the exact information of that specific stick, including the stick’s material and best user’s position on the field. This makes it easier for players to find the stick that best matches their wishes and qualities. To promote the sticks and make people familiar with Augmented Reality, printed Cyclone cards with hockey related slogans were developed as well. When scanned, the cards show a promotional Cyclone video.

For more info, check the website of Cyclone Hockey.

Besides that you can place Bob de Voogd right in front of you and he will show you his best hockey tricks. Use the slow motion button to slow down the video and try it yourself!


2016 – 2017


We created 5 scannable cards to promote the brand Cyclone Hockey. After scanning it with the app a promotional video shows on top of the card.


All the new sticks are scannable with the Cyclone app. After scanning the stick you’ll see a video displayed on top of the stick telling you more about the stick’s components and best features.