Every year during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven a special DDW MUSIC program is organised by the Effenaar, Friendly Fire and the DDW organization. With over 70 musical performances and 11 venues throughout Eindhoven it’s the biggest DDW MUSIC program ever.


Every year an informational leaflet is created to inform visitors of all these performances and artists . In both 2017 and 2018, the Effenaar wanted to add something special to this leaflet, providing it with handy extra information and a cool experience.


Dutch Rose Media made the leaflet scannable with the Effenaar Experiences app. Using this app visitors can scan all sides of this leaflet. Scan the timetable to get a  short audio preview of all the artists, scan the map to see what route you should take and scan the whole back side of the leaflet to filter your music preferences. Oh, and the front gives you a cool 3D surprise when you scan it… The leaflet was designed by Spielerei.


October 2017 & 2018


Scan the timetable on the folder and tap on one of the artists to read more information about them and play a short audio clip. On the photo you can see the 2017 edition, this same feature was implemented in the 2018 flyer.


On the back of the folder artists are highlighted with a short introduction and photo. By scanning this you’re able to filter these artists by genre and watch a short video clip from several artists. This was only added to the 2017 DDW Music flyer.

The video DDW Music made to promote the app in 2017.