DELA is a cooperative that exists for over 80 years and has more than 3 million members. DELA is a specialist in insurance and funeral services and helps their members before, during and after a funeral.


In May 2018 DELA opened their renovated headquarters. They presented the new headquarters during a two day event. Instead of a traditional tour they wanted people to discover the new headquarters in a fun and interactive way. To make this possible we developed an augmented tour and an augmented quest. Visitors could chose if they wanted to do the tour or the quest. A lot of people visited the new headquarters with their children, so the quest was really popular.


The virtual guide of DELA will take you on a nice tour through the new office. For children there is a special quest, where you have to collect magical objects. Every visitor can download the app for free via the App Store and Play Store. After the opening weekend DELA wanted to keep the routes live in the app, so that other visitors and monthly new employees can also take the AR tour.


May 2018


Discover the renovated office with the virtual guide. The virtual guide contains an AR tour and -quest, where magical objects can be found. Can you find the rocket?