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Who: Der Kreis is a buying group for extravagant kitchens and bathrooms.

What: For their annual meeting with clients and suppliers they organized a special day filled with surprises. One of these surprises was a special Augmented Give Away that allowed guests to win a Giant mountainbike.

How: Visitors could use the AdOn app to scan special Augmented Reality posters. Once scanned, visitors had to count all the bikes that appeared and flashed right out of the poster. And as easy as it sounds, it was a hard task! You can try and count the bikes yourself by scanning the image on the left with the AdOn app.

At the end of the day visitors received a scannable thank you card. This revealed a special and relaxing Augmented message once the card was scanned with the AdOn app.

Dutch Rose Media designed both the posters and cards and developed the Augmented Reality experience for Der Kreis.

When: 2017