EHV247 is the official city marketing channel for the city of Eindhoven. They help organize events, provide helpful information and want inhabitants of Eindhoven and tourists to feel welcome while being in the city.


Dutch Rose Media cooperated with EHV247 to create an exciting new game in the city center of Eindhoven. The new Augmented Reality treasure hunt called “De Vloek van het Vuur” takes players on a storytelling route about the historical match industry (lucifers). Players meet a fire ghost and will help him solve the mystery of his curse.


Players can download the app “Hidden Tracks: Eindhoven City” and choose the “De Vloek van het Vuur” route. Download the route for free and start at the Brandstore in Eindhoven. A magical fire compass will show you the way.


June 2018


Find hidden persons or 3D objects in Augmented Reality. A special fire compass will show you the way – you’ll only have to follow and trust the compass.


Discover the most secretive places in the city center of Eindhoven with 360° experiences along the route of your treasure hunt.

Studio040 did a small report on the treasure hunt. In this video (Dutch only) Fleur explains what the treasure hint is about and some Augmented Reality scenes are shown.