Floww offers innovative water taps, such as taps that offer boiled water and or purified water. Modern and luxurious water taps that can be an excellent addition to your kitchen.


For some, it’s still hard to imagine what a Floww water tap would look like on their sink. That’s why Dutch Rose Media developed an interactive Augmented Reality app for Floww, making it possible to place a 3D Floww water tap just wherever you choose to place it.


Simply by scanning the small Floww trigger (a free printable is available via the app) a 3D model of a Floww water tap appears and shows you which options the tap offers and how to handle the tap. A modern 3D Smart Manual that offers 3D animations, instruction videos and additional product information.

Download the free Floww app for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store.



A preview of the Floww app.