During the Dutch Design Week the City of Eindhoven wanted to show inhabitants the future plans of Eindhoven. City supervisor Winy Maas (MVRDV) has great plans for the city center. Since the new plans are quite innovative, the way of showing these had to be innovative as well.


In cooperation with MVRDV and Dutch Design Foundation, Dutch Rose Media created an app that could be used during the DDW and shows the virtual city center of Eindhoven in augmented 3D. In five time layers, it is visually explained what inhabitants can expect regarding changes in the city center of Eindhoven.


During the Dutch Design Week 2018 (20-28 October) a greenhouse was placed on Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven. Here visitors could enter the empty green house and use an iPad to let the virtual city center of Eindhoven appear in 3D. Visitors could walk through this 3D model of 5 by 6 meters big and explore the city of Eindhoven in a whole new way.


October 2018


Some upcoming city projects could be selected, showing an artist impressions and more information about the future project. This included projects like District-E, Mariënhage and Nieuw Bergen.


After visiting the DDW stand, visitors could take home a card. After downloading the Future040 app, a small size of the city 3D model with its time layers would appear. So please, DO try this at home!

On Monday October 22nd the DDW project was officially opened by DDW director Martijn Paulen and alderwoman Monique List-de Roos. The DDW project was featured in many local news programs. Studio040 created a news item which shows the Future040 app in a great way.