Who: Game Makelaar is a gaming and Augmented Reality company based in Leeuwarden.

What: Game Makelaar and Dutch Rose Media collaborated to create a unique Augmented Reality walking app in the city of Leeuwarden, called Hoofd-Stad.

How: With the Hoofd-Stad app you discover the most fun and exciting places of Leeuwarden. While you are doing this you positively influence your brain. During a tour through the city you learn more about both the city and your own brain. Get to know more about the history of the city and do some little brain exercises. You receive information both about the city and your own brain. By giving you all kind of little brain exercises, your mind gets trained to think positively. This way you’ll discover the city of Leeuwarden AND your own brain in a fun way.

When: 2016/2017