GGzE provides mental health care for people in Eindhoven and surroundings.


With the GGzE we did a research into ways augmented reality could support the lessons for injecting. It may occur that a nurse has not injected for a while. To prevent anxiety for injecting serious gaming could be a took to make nurses more familiar with injecting. With this assumption we started developing an augmented reality app whit which nurses could train injecting through serious gaming.


The GGzE offers lessons about injecting. In addition to these lessons this app offers an opportunity to practice injecting through augmented reality. The app contains 3D models, games and videos that are linked to the everyday life of nurses. This way we make the gap between the app and everyday life as small as possible. The GGzE has written an article about the app (in Dutch). Click here to read more about it.


January 2019


Determine the angle of the injection (with or without skin fold). And learn how to inject evenly.


Other skills that can be practiced with the app are collecting medicines from the medicine cabinet and pricking in a moving patient.