Who: The Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Eindhoven (GGzE) helps care for people with mental health issues.

What: The outdoor estate of GGzE is accessible for everyone, but GGzE didn’t want walkers to wander around aimlessly.

How: Dutch Rose Media created two routes in the EHV Walks app. Both routes are in the area of the estate of De Grote Beek. One gives users a tour around the estate ground by showing photos and videos using Augmented Reality and the other shows interested parties around with a poetry-themed route.

When: 2015

GGzE has come to know Dutch Rose Media as an organisation who responded appropriately at the demand for an app which visitors could use to discover ‘De Grote Beek’. Quick, professional and honouring commitments for a fair price. We experienced a pleasant collaboration. – GGzE