Who: At Landgoed Huize Bergen in Vught visitors can stay in a hotel room or rent one of the many spaces for conferences. The villa has been there since 1916.

What: Landgoed Huize Bergen celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. The estate harbours a rich history which can now be experienced by using the Knooppunt Vught app.

How: By walking the “Herleef Huize Bergen walk” one can watch historic persons come to life and guide them through the estate’s history. Discover the importance of the van Beuningen family and watch the Pauwgraaf work in the garden. Besides the walk in the Knooppunt Vught app a book with the estate’s history and photographs was compiled. Interactive photos can get scanned and will show interesting videos on matters like the estate’s painting collection, old Huize Bergen postcards and activities that were organized at the area in the past.

The Herleef Huize Bergen walk won a silver Dutch VR Award 2017!

When: 2016


Together with Dutch Rose Media we have developed the interactive route ‘Herleef Huize Bergen’ and put together the interactive anniversary book ‘Huize Bergen – honderd verhalen’. The team’s enthusiasm definitely contributed to the result of both products. The many adjustments we wished for were implemented without any problems. The collaboration with Dutch Rose Media was a nice experience and we’d love to repeat it in the near future. – Landgoed Huize Bergen