During de Wandelweek 2017 (April 15 to 23) in Valkenswaard, the gnomes returned to the forest! The special ‘Kabouterbos’ app, developed by Dutch Rose Media, offers a wonderful location-based game for children.


Using the app, children and their parents can walk through the woods of Valkenswaard and start a quest for lost gnomes. Augmented Reality makes it possible to see 3D gnomes in reality, to catch them and eventually take a cool photo with all the retrieved gnomes.

In 2018 Dutch Rose Media improved this route and added three more!


Download the ‘Kabouterbos’ app for free in the App Store and buy your coupon code at Harba Lorifa, the starting point of the quest.

This app was developed in cooperation with Valkenswaard Beweegt and Wandelweek Valkenswaard.


April 2017 – August 2018


After finding all the gnomes in the forrest, you can take a fun photo together with all of them!

The video Wandelweek Valkenswaard made to promote the app.