Who: Knooppunt Vught is the third walking app developed by Dutch Rose Media that’s part of the ByAR-platform. Initiator Wim Kievits wants recreationists to experience the Vught area in a new and interactive way.

What: Vught not only is a beautiful place with wonderful surroundings, it also harbours many rich historical and cultural stories which can be told by interactive routes throughout the local area.

How: Walks throughout the city and surrounding nature are enriched with stories through digital video content on location. Using special effects in video, like animated paintings, parallaxes and green screens historical stories are brought to live. The very first route in the Knooppunt Vught app guides you to Fort Isabella and tells the story of the cyclist’s regiment. Did you know that the German occupation in Rotterdam was delayed for a day by the cyclist’s regiment? Another popular route is at Landgoed Huize Bergen.

When: 2015