Who: Noordhoff Health provides E-learning and professional educations for health professionals .

What: As AR company Dutch Rose Media has the vision to  give the world a much needed makeover, but also to help the world around us make more sense. Smart Manuals are perfect examples of making the world more understandable. Noordhoff Health wanted to experiment with a Smart Manual to see how it would fit in their E-Learning vision.

How: By scanning an object or machine with a smart manual app, user guides and useful information will pop up directly onto the object. This way the button and its function are connected, making it more handy to look for a feature when one can’t remember its name. Dutch Rose Media created a Smart Manual for Noordhoff Health, by making a heart monitor scannable. Users could scan the heart monitor and discover the several features of the machine, along with a promovideo of the machine itself.

When: 2016

We wanted to show our customers the possibilities of combining augmented reality and learning. Our clientbase consists of hospitals and health institutions. We asked Dutch Rose Media to share their thoughts on a possible solution. They proactively replied. Dutch Rose Media developed an app which enables you to scan a picture of a Philips heart monitor. After scanning it the usage instructions appear on your screen. Even the real heart monitor could be scanned. This opened up possibilities for our clients. And that is exactly what we wanted. – Noordhoff Health