Who: NoXcuse is an event and concepting company based in Eindhoven. They are known for organizing cool and exclusive events. Last year they organized a special dinner at the estate The Wielewaal (which was previously owned by Philips).

What: Every November the city of Eindhoven organizes GLOW, a special event that is all about lighting and visuals. This year during GLOW, NoXcuse came up with a cool concept: a pop-up restaurant and bar called Visuals. The special restaurant offered a culinary dinner, all kinds of special effects and a great ambiance.

How: Dutch Rose Media developed the special effects for Visuals, including Augmented Reality experiences and miniature holograms. By using the Dutch Rose app, visitors could scan the Visuals magazine and unlock cool 3D models that presented sneak peeks of the holograms. By then placing the phone on top of custom-made hologram lights, small holograms of a cook would appear, showing funny scenes with themes like air, earth and fire.

When: November 2017