NTS Group


NTS Group develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto) mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for high-tech machine manufacturers. They accelerate the future by contributing to future technologies.


In the coming years NTS will build a new campus in Eindhoven and a new office in Nijmegen. To present their plans as visual as possible they wanted to show the new campus and office with 3D models in augmented reality. They also wanted that every employee should be able to easily watch the 3D models themselves, so that everyone at NTS Group could be involved in the project.


The NTS Workspace app makes it possible to show the new campus and office in 3D using augmented reality. Both 3D models are enriched with interactive hotspots. These hotspots give more information (video, images, text) about certain elements of the new campus/building. Through these hotspots it is also possible to give feedback. This way everyone at the NTS Group is involved in all the future renovation plans.

It is possible to show the 3D models without the need of a marker. You only need the app and a smartphone or tablet.


November 2018


Scan the trigger with your smartphone and get an overview of all the renovation plans. Tap on one to get more information.