Pathé is one of the biggest cinema businesses in the Netherlands. They don’t just offer the newest technologies regarding cinema, but also new concepts about food and shopping for their movie fans.


For their renewed cinema Pathé De Kuip in Rotterdam, Pathé developed a new shop concept  (in cooperation with advertising agency IVC) called ‘Pathé Food Boulevard’. Part of this concept is a new food area, with special kids boxes for children filled with snacks, a drink and a toy. Pathé wanted to do something extraordinary with these new kids boxes.


Dutch Rose Media and IVC worked together on a special Augmented Reality kids experience. Whenever a child gets a kids box and stands in front of a special screen, a cool Augmented experience pops up! A 3D popcorn explosion, light sabers or unicorns will appear straight out of the box with which children can play around. A fun concept everyone loves (even grown-ups!).


December 2017


Kids can grab a Kidscombo Box from the stand and hold it in front of the tv screen. Instructions on the box and on the screen tell them to hold it in front of the screen and wait for the magic to happen. A random animation will transform the box into a magical experience. They can rotate and move the box and the animation will follow.


Animations vary in detail and interaction. A spaceship could fly right out of your box, or it could explode into thousands of popcorn kernels right in your hands.