Who: Spelendwijs is an office in Bergeijk specialized in offering play therapy for children to help them grow in their social-emotional wellbeing.

What: Mindfulness is conscious attention for what you experience, right at the moment. Mindfulness creates space and quiet in your head. Mindfulness reduces stress. Natures always lives right now. Plants and animals do not overanalyze. Walking in the Leenderbos, you get a digital mindfulness coach and you develop your own mindfulness.

How:  Your mobile phone is your interactive guide, using the Ons Bos app. On specific locations you’ll be able to immersive yourself in mindfulness talks. Your digital coach emerges from the nature scene and talks you through a variety of mindfulness exercises. This app uses AR triggers based on geo locations. Dutch Rose Media can pinpoint the exact location for a video to appear for you. This way the right information is displayed at the right time.

When: 2014