preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven is a unique open air museum. Visitors can experience and learn about the Stone Age, the Middle Ages and the Eighty Years’ War.


In 2017 Dutch Rose Media and Corporate Trailer collaborated to create a wonderful historical experience at the preHistorisch Dorp called ‘De Tijdkijker’: a unique concept combining both Augmented and Virtual Reality, virtually taking you to ancient times.

In 2018 Dutch Rose Media added a new treasure hunt to the app. On 9 locations visitors can look for hidden AR objects, take prehistorical selfies or fight with a Viking lord.


When visiting the preHistorisch Dorp visitors can download the “preHistorisch Dorp – de Tijdkijker app” on their smartphone to either do the videotour or to do the treasure hunt themselves. It’s also possible to use the special designed wooden VR/AR glasses to experience the great time travel video tour.


2017 – 2018


Videos are positioned right along the real world. You’ll see things happen as if you were there. But you’re also there. The immersive experience consists of 360° videos paired with spatial audio.


The new treasure hunt allows you to take a seat on the Redbad throne and take a picture with kneeling subjects. Fore one day you may rule the preHistorisch Dorp!


Go on a quest for real archaelogical finds throughout the museum. On one of the locations you can even make your own digital cooking pot! Enter your name to add it in Rhunes to your pot and take a photo to share your creation.

This video gives a sneak peek of the new treasure hunt. Become a true time traveller yourself!