Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for almost all infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. This also includes waterways throughout the country. In this project we focused on a water area around the Oude Maas near Hoogvliet Rotterdam.


Dutch Rose Media started a proof of concept together with Rijkswaterstaat to examine the possibilities of AR on ships, more specifically ships used for leisure purposes. With this proof of concept – called De Virtuele Verrekijker – it was examined how AR could help visualize helpful information for captains.


We developed an app that showed a selection of information in AR view like buoys, VHF signs, bridges and harbours. The data showed up-to-date information like opening hours and occupancy rates. With an extra antenna it was possible to track AIS information as well. All visualized while being on an actual moving boat.


July 2018


The pilot app showed visual information in AR like VHF signs. An interactive object list made it easier to select information.


After selecting an information point, extra data was shown. This data was up-to-date with the actual situation.

This video shows the working pilot app while being on an RWS ship.