Who: ROVC is a Dutch training institute that offers technical schooling and practical training for industrious employees.

What: To improve and innovate their courses ROVC always focuses on new technologies and E-learning. They want their course members to be able to view certain machines at any time and any place. This way course members can view the working of this machine or installation whenever they like; both during the course and as a reference afterwards.

How: Dutch Rose Media developed the ROVC app which can easily be used by course members. By scanning a small trigger (which they’ll receive during the course) a 3D miniature model of a pick-and-place installation appears on screen. By moving the bar at the right side, you’ll be able to scale the model and make it bigger. Several buttons allow you to get an overview of components and groups. By tapping these elements a pop-up screen appears and gives more information about this element, including a video or 3D animation.

When: August 2017