Swedish artist AUJIK creates fluid, slow-moving graffiti that takes you to another dimension, as if in a dream. During the Urban Culture festival EMOVES, we worked together with STRP to present the next level of street art in Augmented Reality.


Dutch Rose Media created an Augmented Reality app that shows you the wondrous 4D graffiti art by AUJIK while wandering on the Strijp-S area. It was launched during EMOVES 2018 and will be available until October 2018, so make sure you discover it yourself!


Visit the Strijp-S area in Eindhoven and download the 4D Graffiti Invasions app. The map in the app will guide you to all the exact locations. Start the experience on your smartphone and scan the trigger on the floor. Look around and discover the coolest 4D graffiti art.


June 2018


Go to the right locations and scan the trigger on the floor. Here your AR experience will start.


You can discover 12 locations with unique art by AUJIK. Move closer, walk around the art and take cool snapshots.

Get a sneak peek of the 4D Graffiti Invasions app.This video wasn’t Photoshopped or digitally altered in any way. The AR scenes you see are actual screen captures of what you’ll see with the app on your phone/tablet.