Who: This Is Not Clothing is a luxury fashion brand by 3D artist Jam Sutton.

What:  Artist Jam Sutton celebrates and reinvents masterful artworks, juxtaposing contemporary culture and fine art. The clothing is considered a wearable canvas, featuring original bespoke artwork prints onto ethical fair trade cotton. Through ‘This Is Not Clothing’ Jam creates original pieces and shares his unique vision of our society by paying homage to the great artists that have shaped and influenced the history of art.

How: Through Augmented Reality Jam’s art is available for everyone in 3D for a complete experience anywhere & anytime. By scanning the clothing labels with the This Is Not Clothing app interactive artwork and 3D sculptures are unlocked and can be seen from all angles. You can then take a photo of the artwork shown on your smartphone or tablet and share via social media.

For more info, check out the website of This Is Not Clothing.

When: 2016/2017