Tosca van der Weerden (Toscanabanana) uses AR design to help young women be more comfortable in their sexuality. She graduated from AKV St. Joost’s Animation Master and created products that give you cool facts and hot tips, and to remind you to feel pleasure every day.


The Pleasure Project consists of several products like T-shirts, pins, a pocket mirror, a pillow and even temporary tattoos. All these products give you a little hint about pleasure, but when users use the Dutch Rose app to scan these products, AR will help them come to life and tell more about female pleasure.


An augmented animation will start after scanning a product, informing you about different aspects of pleasure and confidence. All animations are placed right over the product, so it will seem like the actual product starts moving. This way the appealing products not only look cool, but send a message to young women as well.

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August 2018


There are several products designed for this project, including this pocket mirror. A buyer’s favorite!

Get a sneak peek of the products with this video.