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Where: Bergeijk is a scenic area right next to the Dutch-Belgian border.

What: Those borders used to be quite special in the old days, but nowadays people cross those borders absent-minded. Until they reach the so-called ‘Grenspalen’. Those Grenspalen often have interesting stories and that’s why Dutch Rose Media developed the Wandel in Bergeijk app.

How: This is an app that features  walking routes alongside those Grenspalen and will tell users about the history of those exact locations. The routes vary from 5 to 30 km and each have a theme, for example a route about smuggling. Audio fragments (recorded by actual smugglers) will tell users more about the history.

In April 2017 a new route was added to the Wandel in Bergeijk app: the Rietveld route. Bergeijk harbours a rich history about designer Rietveld. In this new and fun route everyone can discover the way in which Rietveld formed Bergeijk into the town it is today.

When: 2014 & 2017