smart manual

We truly believe AR can make the world around us make more sense. It can be a handy feature, but also give more depth to objects or locations. Our Smart Manual concept is here to moderate or simplify life and make it more understandable.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just scan a coffee machine when you’re in a store and instantly get all the product information you need? Or when a component of your bike is broken and you don’t know its name, you could just easily scan the bike and find out both the name and how to repair it. Smart Manuals can make this happen!


Concepts like our Smart Manuals show that Augmented Reality is not just for fun and entertainment. It can deliver a valuable contibution to our everyday life. Smart Manuals are suitable for many work-related situations, for example in the retail industry or in logistics.

We see that businesses in the industries are primarly interested in Smart Manuals, since it can ease workload and improve work processes.


Since we are currently improving 3D recognition as a trigger for Augmented Reality, developmental progress is going fast. We succeeded to make 3D scans of 4 different infusion pumps and created a Smart Manual for them.

We believe functional AR concepts with 3D recognition like Smart Manuals will be revolutionary for the industry business.