solution implementation

As Augmented Reality experts we have the necessary skills and knowledge to realize concepts from start to finish. We will help you in choosing the right AR platform, we can conceptualize your project, create desired content and deliver the final concept. We do all the possible tasks to make your concept a success.


When doing all this, there are always several points of concern that have to be taken into account. For all these points we will look for a fitting solution. Do you have special needs concerning the marketing of the concept? Then we will collaborate with marketing experts. Does your organisation have a fully functional IT department that wishes to cooperate with us? No problem!


As mentioned before at the Technical Solution page we offer the option to start using one of our generic apps for your AR project or to get your own branded app. The use of a generic app is an easy accessible way to start using Augmented Reality. The more Augmented Reality your business would like to use, the more convenient it gets to buy your own branded app or to integrate Augmented Reality into your existing app.


We develop complete Augmented Reality concepts. This means we realize concepts from start to finish. From the downloading of an app to the cup of coffee they drink in a cafe after walking a route. The customer journey is highly important. They are the users of our AR projects, so it’s important to make every step as easy and fun as possible.

Besides that, we would like to make your concept as meaningful and valuable as possible. What goal do you want to achieve with your concept? What experience do you want to offer? And ofcourse: how does an AR concept influence your business model? Guiding you in answering these questions is what we are here for.