technical consultancy

The world of Augmented Reality these days can be seen as the internet mid ’90s: a cowboy territory where companies are still exploring what benefits this new technology can offer. AR companies and platforms are growing and so are their options. We are here to guide you through the AR world!


Each AR platform has its own pros and cons. We are here to make the right decision in choosing which platform matches your wishes best. Sometimes it’s a challenge, carefully considering what platform will work best for your concept. It’s a very important decision taking into account developments in the AR world are going very fast, making the world of suppliers an erratic one.

Would you like to get insight in which AR platform might be best for your concept? Fill in our Quickscan to get a recommendation. We use this Quickscan as well, to determine which platforms are most useful for specific projects.


If you want to get to know all the AR possibilites, we are here to find out. We create prototypes and demo apps to show you what’s possible using Augmented Reality. Would you like to know if your car’s steering wheel can be used as a trigger? Would you like to know what kind of tools are suited for object recognition? We will show you the prospects.