Dutch Rose Media has worked with interns and graduates from Fontys Hogeschool, Avans Hogeschool, Hogeschool Zuyd, HAS Hogeschool, Sint Lucas on media design, communication, mobile development, software development, lifestyle studies and game design.

Examples of internships:

  • Create a Smart Manual application for a machine which shows both educational and consumer information
  • Create a minimum of 2 AR walks in 2 different (European) cities and describe a process to develop and test AR walks without having to be at the exact location
  • Research the User Experience of augmented reality and implement your outcomes into a working concept for one of our clients
  • Research the use of augmented reality for museums and create a working concept app showing different options
  • Research concepts using augmented reality for storytelling in lifestyle and leisure

New interns are welcome, starting around September 2021.


We are an accredited work placement company for Gamedeveloper internships and Mediadesigner internships.


Currently we have no vacancies available/ Momenteel hebben wij geen openstaande vacatures beschikbaar.