We expressed our enthusiasm for location-based storytelling. Well, since creating location-based AR apps is one of our core businesses we created our own platform, developed specifically for walking and cycling routes. This platform is called ByAR. With ByAR location-based storytelling becomes available for everyone.


The ByAR platform offers walking and cycling routes in several areas in the Netherlands. Areas with stories to tell: historical, culinary, cultural and entertaining ones. Stories that become far more interesting once you’re at the exact location yourself. Watch history come to life right where it happened and get handy information of the building right in front of you. Get to know more about natural areas by following the story of a pocket watch that accidentally landed in the water purification plant or get to know a provincial area by poems. Just a few examples of routes that are offered in ByAR apps.


The routes in the ByAR apps use geo recognition as triggers to show content. Users only need their own smartphone to walk or cycle the routes, which makes it a dynamic on-device experience.

The ByAR platform has been proven succesful with more than 5 complete apps already (each from different clients) and with many new ones in development. You can get your own branded ByAR app as well! Each ByAR app offers several basic app features, such as an area map, themed routes and ofcourse points of interest: points where content gets shown. Additional features such as a print media scanner, an activity calendar and a company index could be implemented as well. Every app is managed through the Content Management System (CMS), making sure that no developer is required to create new tours.

Have your own custom-made app for an extraordinary experience!

Want to know more about the ByAR platform or interested in your very own ByAR app? You will find all the information you need on our brand new ByAR website!